Kwaziwai students, families and supporters – as our school year begins I’d like to welcome our students back.  Our teaching program is stronger and larger than ever with 4 childrens’ marimba classes, 5 adult marimba classes including a new beginners class for the fall quarter, 2 mbira classes and a southern African singing class taught by our newest teacher Ratie Dangarembwa.  This past year John Mambira also taught a Rhythms of Zimbabwe class for our youngest students aged 8-12.  We hope to offer this class again in the near future.

Its exciting to see all the offerings at the center and to have two Zimbabweans teaching through the center.  We hope we can continue to expand our offerings through them and our existing teachers.  And its very gratifying to continue our annual support of Zimbabwean musicians through the Artist-in-Residence Program with this years participant Patience Munjeri.  Patience has been working with our students and performing in the community since this summer and we look forward to her return to Eugene in November with her visiting all our regularly scheduled classes.

I’d like to remind our students and supporters that Kutsinhira’s annual membership is due.  Your dues not only help us expand our educational offerings but keep our Zimbabwean Community Development Program going.  This past year through the ZCDP we distributed over $4,500 to organizations and individuals doing direct work in Zimbabwe.  ZCDP provided funds to Humwe to purchase a set of marimbas for their students, to Ancient Ways’ Mhandara Monthly Care Program for teenage girls, to Tariro for their empowerment program for girls, and to Ngwana Development Trust for their new water system for its school. Its through the ZCDP and the Artist-in-Residence program that we can directly provide support to those living in Zimbabwe.

So please consider renewing your membership with Kutsinhira or even providing a monthly donation here.

Maita Basa and many thanks to you for all the ways you support our programs at Kutsinhira.  As we near our 30th year in operation, I can see a wonderful future with continuing enrichment for those in our community and in Zimbabwe.


Gary Spalter