Artist: Cosmas Magaya and Beauler Dyoko

This is the last, historic recording made together by the celebrated traditional mbira partners, Cosmas Magaya and Beauler Dyoko. Ndangariro means remembrance, reflection on past events, and this album is offered in tribute to the great Ambuya (Grandmother) Beauler Dyoko, the first female Zimbabwean recording artist, who passed away in 2013. She is greatly missed by fans of traditional Zimbabwean music. Cosmas Magaya, also a long time giant amongst Zimbabwean mbira players, first met Beauler Dyoko in the 1970s, and the two legends formed a friendship that has lasted these many years. Between 1994 and the present, they have also delighted many audiences throughout the US, Canada, and Europe as a performing team. In this, their final album, you will hear the expert mbira playing and lively vocals that have delighted many audiences throughout the US, Canada, and Europe as a duo. Kutsinhira recommends that you buy the physical 6-panel CD – for its beautiful photographs, liner notes and translation by Cosmas Magaya, and general historical value.

All proceeds from sales go to Cosmas Magaya and to the family of Beauler Dyoko.


  • Bangiza (6:22)
  • Mukatiende/Bhukatiende (6:50)
  • Nhemamusasa (7:07)
  • Dangurangu (6:16)
  • Tondobayana (3:32)
  • MhondoroDzinonwa (5:38)
  • Dindingwe (4:29)
  • NyamaropayePasi (8:00)
  • Conversation (2:05)

Tomutenda Mambo

Artist: Mhofela (Musekiwa Chingodza and Bud Cohen)

Bud and I had such a great time during our 2010 tour, and the music was so good, that we decided to put this album together showcasing some of the songs we were playing. We would like to thank Amai Shumba and Mark for putting this CD together, Thaddeus for his expert recording, and all of our friends who made our 2010 tour worthwhile. One Love Still… ~ Musekiwa


  • Chamutengure (7:07)
  • Mukai Tiende (9:51)
  • Tomutenda Mambo (7:46)
  • Sarura Wako (10:00)
  • Karigamombe (6:16)
  • Dande (7:46)
  • Nhemamusasa (7:59)
  • Serevende of Nyamaropa (5:34)
  • Chikende (7:22)

Kutema Musasa

Artist: Musekiwa Chingodza

Recorded by Dan Pauli in Santa Fe, New Mexico, during Musekiwa’s 2006 visit, Kutema Musasa is truly a solo album. The mood of the album is sweet and meditative, enjoyable for listeners of all ages.


  • Nhemamusasa
  • Chikokiyana
  • NdofambaNaye
  • Ndizarurire
  • Chikende
  • Dande
  • Shumba Yangwasha
  • Nyamamusango
  • Taireva

Tauya Kune Vamwe

Artist: Musekiwa Chingodza with Sumi Madzitateguru

Musekiwas latest release from 2017.


  • NhimuTimuyaNyamaropa
  • Marenje
  • Mukai Tiende
  • ChamutengureDambatsoko
  • Nhemamusasa
  • ServenderaNyamaropa
  • Chamutengure 16 keys Nyunga Nyunga
  • Bangiza


Artist: Musekiwa Chingodza

“Solo”- VaChingodza Buda Pachena, recorded in 2004, is really a collaboration with Jennifer Kyker playing hosho (shakers) accompaniment. The subtitle means, “Mr. Chingodza, show your talents!” The album includes 6 ceremonial songs plus Musekiwa’s original composition, Rega Kuchema.


  • Todzungaira
  • Dande
  • Zimbaravashe
  • RegaKuchema
  • Chipembere
  • Nhemamusasa
  • VanaVapera