Artist: Mhofela (Musekiwa Chingodza and Bud Cohen)

Bud and I had such a great time during our 2010 tour, and the music was so good, that we decided to put this album together showcasing some of the songs we were playing. We would like to thank Amai Shumba and Mark for putting this CD together, Thaddeus for his expert recording, and all of our friends who made our 2010 tour worthwhile. One Love Still… ~ Musekiwa


  • Chamutengure (7:07)
  • Mukai Tiende (9:51)
  • Tomutenda Mambo (7:46)
  • Sarura Wako (10:00)
  • Karigamombe (6:16)
  • Dande (7:46)
  • Nhemamusasa (7:59)
  • Serevende of Nyamaropa (5:34)
  • Chikende (7:22)