zimbabwean painted fabric art kutsinhira oregon

Title: Community
Artist: Veronica Chitsike
Size: approx 19″w x 26″h
Hand-painted sadza painting

Veronica was born in 1959. She came to Weya in 1982 as the second wife of her husband. She has three children. Her daughter, Rita Shonge is also a painter. Veronica learned to do art in 1988. She felt it was a thing she could do as a woman to earn money. “I am a full-time housewife who looks after children, fetches firewood, does plowing, heard cattle and takes them to the dipping tank. I have quite a lot of work.”

She has time for her artwork during the rainy season only on weekends, with more time available during the dry season. Her favorite topics are wild animals and village life, and she is most recognized by her striking abstract paintings of storks.