Zimbabwean Folk Art painted board Kutsinhira Oregon

Title: Chakadini Water Pump
Artist: Shelton Shavi
Size: approx 12.5″w x 12.5″h
Zimbabwe Weya Art hand painted wooden tray, folk art
Cost: $60 – includes free shipping in the continental U.S.

The piece includes the hand written story by the artist and his bio on the back.

The Story:

A group of boys and girls gathered together at Chakadiui water pump washing their clothes at the water pump.  Chipo and Tara are pumping water from the water pump while Rugare is coming carrying a dish to the water pump to wash clothes.  Tambudzai is going back home carrying a clay pot of water on her head.

Chamumorwa is pushing a wheelbarrow with dirty clothes to be washed.  Two girls are washing their clothes.  Sekai and Samy are putting the clothes in dish to take them back home.  Tara is pushing a wheelbarrow carrying buckets of water.

Artist Bio:

Shelton was born in Epworth, outside of Harare, in 1982, one of seven children.  He went through the equivalent of 9th grade, stopping because the family had no money to pay school fees.  He came to Weya in 2000 because life was difficult in the city.  He stays with his aunt and helps her with agriculture, but it is not fulfilling work and provides him with no money.  He began to study painting with his half-sister, artist Alletah Chehore, in 2002.  “Art was my best subject when I was in school and I want to make some money.”